Apple Smoothie

Apple Smoothie - фото рецепта
A recipe for a light refreshing drink that not only quenches thirst but also hunger. This dessert drink has become very popular lately. The word 'smoothie' in English means 'smooth, gentle, soft'. It perfectly refreshes, satisfies hunger, and is simply indispensable in the summer heat.
2 pcs.
1 pc.
1 small bunch
2-3 pcs.
1 cup (green)
1 tsp (grated)
1 tbsp
To prepare apple smoothie, peel the fruits and cut them into large pieces.
If the grapes have seeds, they need to be removed.
Put the prepared fruits in a blender, add ginger, honey, and a cup of green tea.
You can add some ice cubes to the blender or freeze the bananas beforehand.
Blend everything well until smooth.
Serve the apple smoothie immediately, as apples and bananas will oxidize and darken after 20-30 minutes.