Baklava Bakinskiy

Baklava Bakinskiy - фото рецепта
A recipe for a delicious Eastern sweet treat. Baklava has a unique taste - a mixture of spices, honey, nuts, and delicate dough. It is very sweet, not low in calories, and requires time and patience to make, but the result is worth it. This sweet treat is traditionally made for one of the most beloved and important holidays in Azerbaijan - Novruz Bayram. Baklava can be stored for a long time and becomes even more delicious with time. Be sure to try this amazing Eastern dessert!
For the filling:
2.11 cups
1.7 cups
0.5 tsp
0.5 tsp
For the dough:
0.88 cup
0.5 tbsp
2 pcs
1.69 cups
1 tsp
a pinch
Sour Cream
2 tbsp
5.91-7.05 cups
For the pouring:
1.32 cups
0.5 tsp
For the syrup:
0.63 cups
1.69 cups
1.5 cups
4 pcs
0.5 tsp
For brushing:
1 pc (yolk)
0.5 tsp
To prepare Baklava Bakinskiy, first, let's prepare the filling. Thoroughly shell the walnuts - get rid of all the shells. Set aside a handful of walnuts for decoration, and grind the rest using a blender. Add sugar, cardamom, cinnamon to the walnuts and mix everything together. Cover and set aside. While the dough is being prepared, the filling will absorb the flavors of the spices.
It is advisable to slightly dry the walnuts in the oven to enhance the flavor and taste.
Let's prepare the dough for baklava. Dissolve yeast in warm milk, add a little beaten eggs, sugar, melted and cooled butter, salt, and sour cream. Gradually add sifted flour and knead the dough. The dough should be soft, elastic, and not sticky. Place the kneaded dough on a floured surface and knead thoroughly for 5-7 minutes until it stops sticking to your hands and the surface.
Place the dough in a bowl, cover, wrap in a towel, and let it rise in a warm place for 1-1.5 hours.
Divide the finished dough into the number of parts equal to the number of future layers of baklava. Usually, this is 8-12 layers. The parts for the bottom and top layers should be slightly larger than the rest. This is necessary to prevent the sweet treat from burning from the bottom and to make it look beautiful on top. Roll out the dough very thinly - you should be able to see through it, and place it on a buttered baking sheet, slightly folding the edges.
I divided the dough into 10 parts, it depends on the size of the baking dish you use. I used a large deep baking sheet measuring 40x30 cm.
Place the first two sheets of dough on top of each other without the filling. Spread the filling, starting from the second layer, and spread it evenly over the dough.
It's better to divide the filling into the required number of parts - the number of layers minus two.
Create something like a layered pie, alternately laying out dough and filling. Cover the sweet treat with the last sheet of dough, and cut the baklava into diamonds.
Carefully pour melted butter with turmeric over all the cut lines. Brush the top of the baklava with egg yolk mixed with saffron. Place the baklava in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes.
While the baklava is baking, prepare the syrup. Mix honey, water, sugar, and spices, bring to a boil, and simmer for about five minutes over low heat, then set aside.
Remove the baklava from the oven (it should be slightly golden) and pour the syrup over it. Then put it back in the oven for another 15-20 minutes.
Remove the ready baklava from the oven and let it cool. Take out the cooled baklava from the baking sheet one by one with a knife. The most beautiful pieces are placed on a large plate and served on the table.