Lobiani - фото рецепта
A recipe for famous Georgian flatbreads with a bean filling. In Georgia, lobiani is traditionally made on St. Barbara's Day (December 17), but they are delicious and hearty for any day. Lobiani, like khachapuri, can be made with different doughs, mostly with yeast dough or dough with matsoni. This recipe uses yeast dough.
For the dough:
2 cups
1/2 tsp
1/2 tsp
1/2 tsp (dry)
5/8 cup
Olive oil
3 tbsp (or any other vegetable oil)
For the filling:
1 3/4 cups
to taste
Black pepper
1/2 tsp (freshly ground)
1/2 tsp (dry)
Pork fat
3-4 tbsp
To prepare lobiani, start by boiling the beans until soft. Soak the beans in cold water overnight. In the morning, rinse the beans, cover with fresh cold water, and bring to a boil. Boil for 2-3 minutes, drain the water, then cover with fresh water (water level should be 2 inches above the beans) and simmer the beans for about 2 hours (do not cover, add water if needed). Do not add salt! The beans should be completely soft.
Drain the beans and mash them. Add salt, a bit of black pepper, and savory. Add pork fat which will bind the bean puree and enhance its flavor. The filling should be soft, pliable, and not crumbly. Let it cool completely.
If you replace pork fat with vegetable oil, you will get a tasty and hearty lean dish.
Sift the flour into a bowl, add salt, sugar, yeast, and mix well. Create a well in the center and pour in water (5/8 cup). Knead the dough, adding more water as needed.
The dough should not be too stiff or too soft; it should hold its shape well without spreading.
Cover the kneaded dough and let it rest for about 15 minutes to develop gluten. Then incorporate vegetable oil into the dough, gradually adding it in small portions each time. Form the dough into a ball, cover, and let it rise.
Divide the risen dough according to the diameter of the skillet you will be using to cook the lobiani. I divided it into 3 parts (my skillet's diameter is 11 inches). Gently shape each piece into a round, trying not to deflate the dough too much. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest for 20 minutes.
The amount of filling should be the same as the dough. Therefore, form a bean mass ball equal in size to the dough ball. Gently stretch and flatten the dough into a round shape. Place the filling in the center.
Wrap the dough around the filling, pinching it to completely seal the filling inside.
Turn the pinched side down, gently flatten with your hands, and roll out into a flatbread about 0.2-0.3 inches thick.
Cook the lobiani on a dry, preheated skillet until golden brown on both sides. After cooking, generously brush one side of the flatbread with butter.
If the lobiani puff up too much during cooking, you can poke a hole to let the steam escape.
Stack the cooked lobiani. Then slice and serve. Enjoy your meal!