Chicken Fillet with Cream Sauce and Pistachios

Chicken Fillet with Cream Sauce and Pistachios - фото рецепта
Very juicy chicken breasts with equally delicious sauce with added pistachios. When cooking chicken fillet, it is quite difficult to catch the moment when it is already cooked but has not dried out. There is nothing complicated here, the main thing is to follow certain rules (I described them in the recipe) and we will get fully cooked and very juicy meat. Chicken fillet is usually served with sauce - I made a creamy one with pistachios.
Chicken meat
2 pcs. (fillets)
Olive oil
For the sauce:
2 inches of stem (green part)
1 oz (peeled)
1/2 cup (white)
1 cup (22% fat)
Black pepper
2-3 tbsp
To prepare chicken fillet with cream sauce and pistachios. First, let's make the sauce. Melt a piece of butter over low heat, add sliced leeks in half rings and stew for a couple of minutes.
Then increase the heat, add finely chopped pistachios and wine. Reduce the wine by half.
Add the cream and, stirring, cook the sauce for a few minutes until thickened. Remove from heat, add a little pepper, salt.
If the pistachios are salty, then salt may not be needed.
Prepare the chicken breasts. First, it is necessary to clean the chicken fillet from films, veins, and fat. Cut off the small fillet, as with it the breasts will be too thick and may not cook through.
Season with salt and pepper on both sides, coat in flour, carefully removing excess. Heat olive oil in a skillet and fry the fillet over medium heat without a lid for about 5 minutes on each side. Place the cooked fillet on a plate, cover with foil and leave for a couple of minutes for the meat to finish cooking.
The meat should be white without pink streaks when cut, and juicy in taste. Serve the cooked chicken fillet with the sauce and salad.