Liver Schnitzel in Batter

Liver Schnitzel in Batter - фото рецепта
Recipe for juicy and tender liver schnitzel. The liver and the batter turn out soft and very tasty, this dish can be prepared for breakfast, for those who enjoy a heartier meal.
Beef Liver
2.2 lbs
3 pieces
Sour Cream
6 tbsp (or mayonnaise)
Black Pepper
Sunflower Oil
for frying
To prepare liver schnitzel in batter, wash the liver, remove the membranes, and cut into portion-sized pieces. Place each piece in a plastic bag or plastic wrap and lightly tenderize.
Prepare the batter for the liver schnitzel. Mix 2 eggs and 6 tbsp of sour cream. Add enough flour to obtain a consistency similar to thick sour cream. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. Beat one egg in a separate bowl. Place flour in another bowl.
Lightly salt the piece of liver, dip first in the egg, then in the flour, and then in the batter.
Fry the liver schnitzel in batter in vegetable oil until golden brown.