Cranachan with Raspberries

Cranachan with Raspberries - фото рецепта
Recipe for a Scottish dessert known as Cranachan with raspberries. In my opinion, an ideal dish for breakfast. This dish is served in restaurants and is even used to decorate wedding tables. Often, restaurant or cafe customers mix their own cranachan - the waiter provides all the necessary ingredients and each person creates their dessert according to their taste preferences. This dessert allows for various variations. You can add nuts or, for an adult version, a little whiskey to give it a special touch.
Oat Flakes
1 cup (coarse, not quick-cooking)
1 small bunch (fresh)
Cottage Cheese
200 g
100 g (fresh or frozen)
3 tbsp
3 tbsp
Heavy Cream
2/3 cup
To prepare the cranachan with raspberries, pour oat flakes onto a preheated skillet and toast them over medium heat for about 5 minutes, stirring. Then add 2 tbsp sugar. Continue stirring as the sugar quickly melts and coats the flakes in caramel. The flakes should become golden, dry, and crispy.
Place rinsed and dried mint in a blender, add 1 tbsp sugar, and blend until finely chopped.
Mix the flakes with the sweet mint crumbles.
In a separate bowl, combine cottage cheese and heavy cream.
Then add the sweet flakes with mint. Mix the mixture.
Leave some flakes for garnish.
Place a few berries at the bottom of a dessert glass, then add the cottage cheese-oat mixture, top with more berries, drizzle with honey, and sprinkle with a small amount of caramelized flakes.
I added a bit of red currant to the raspberries.
Garnish the Cranachan with Raspberries with mint leaves. The dessert is ready!