Banana Bread

Banana Bread - фото рецепта
Recipe of American cuisine. Actually, this is more of a pie or more precisely a loaf. It can be made with different nuts (except peanuts, they are not suitable here at all), you can also add various dried fruits to it. But it's bananas that give it a light texture, aroma, and they should be very ripe (already slightly blackened). So if you have a couple of such bananas at home, make a fragrant banana bread out of them, with milk or tea - it's very delicious!
1 cup (chopped)
2 cups
Baking Powder
2 tsp
1/4 tsp
7/8 cup (melted)
1 cup mashed (2-3 pieces)
1 cup
or vanilla sugar
To prepare banana bread, grind the nuts in a blender, in a separate bowl mix the flour, nuts, baking powder, salt, and mix well.
In a mixer with a whisk attachment, beat the melted butter with sugar until white, also add a few drops of vanilla.
Then add eggs and bananas. Beat until smooth.
Attach the dough attachment, add the dry mixture gradually and mix until smooth.
Take a loaf pan, line it with parchment paper, grease it with butter. Pour the batter into the pan and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Fahrenheit for 30-40 minutes. (depending on the oven) Check for doneness with a wooden skewer, it's ready when it comes out clean.
For ginger fans, after 15 minutes of baking, you can sprinkle the banana bread with a mixture of sugar and grated fresh ginger root (50g sugar, 1 tbsp. ginger).