Homemade Boiled Chicken Sausage

Homemade Boiled Chicken Sausage - фото рецепта
Every mom and wife strives to feed their family not only deliciously but also healthily. It's no secret that in today's boiled sausages you can find everything: a large amount of water, colorants, thickeners, soy, and a small percentage of questionable quality meat. Yes, there is high-quality sausage, but you still need to look for it, and it's not cheap. The proposed recipe for homemade boiled chicken sausage is easy to make, resulting in a healthy and tasty product that kids love. This sausage is perfect as an appetizer for a festive table and is also great for school sandwiches.
Chicken Meat
1.1 lbs (breast)
2 pcs (whites)
1 cup (30% fat)
Beet Juice
2 tbsp
1 clove
to taste
Black Pepper
ground, to taste
To prepare homemade boiled chicken sausage, cut the chicken fillet into small pieces, place them in a blender, and blend into a mince. Then add the egg whites, beat, pour in the cream, add garlic, pepper, salt, and beet juice. Mix everything well.
Transfer the resulting mince onto foil and wrap it up.
Roll up the foil from both sides like a candy, trim off any excess foil. Additionally, tie the sausage with twine.
Place the sausage in two plastic bags, tie them up, and cook in boiling water for 30 minutes.
Once the sausage is cooked, it needs to be thoroughly cooled without removing the foil. Then slice the boiled chicken sausage and serve.