Egg Chrysanthemum Toast

Egg Chrysanthemum Toast - фото рецепта
Egg Chrysanthemum Toast is a light and beautiful snack that can be quickly prepared. Despite the simplicity of the recipe and the quick cooking time, the toast has a visually appealing appearance and is suitable for serving on a festive table.
To prepare Egg Chrysanthemum Toast, start by cutting circles of white bread using a glass. Fry them on one side. Rub the fried side with garlic and spread mayonnaise on top.
Boil the eggs until hard-boiled. We will make chrysanthemums out of them. To do this, separate the egg whites from the yolks and grate the whites on a coarse grater and the yolks on a fine grater.
Place the eggs on the toast, starting with the whites and then the yolks in the center. It will resemble chrysanthemums. Garnish with green onions... That's it, the Egg Chrysanthemum Toast is ready.