Meat and Sorrel Soup

Meat and Sorrel Soup - фото рецепта
This soup is often called "green borscht". A very tasty first course, especially in spring. There are many recipes for this meat soup with sorrel, each hostess makes it in her own way. Instead of sorrel, you can use spinach.
For a 5-quart pot:
Beef Meat
2-2.5 lbs (brisket)
large bunch
1 pc (large)
1 pc
(root and leaves)
4-5 pcs
4 pcs (hard-boiled)
3.5 tbsp
to taste
Bay Leaf
Black Pepper
To prepare meat and sorrel soup, first, as usual, make the broth. Put well-washed meat in a pot, cover with water. Add root vegetables, bay leaf, pepper, and salt.
When the broth is ready, remove the root vegetables and bay leaf from it. Take out the meat, remove all bones, and cut it into small pieces.
Then peel and dice the potatoes (not too large). Add them to the pot along with the chopped meat and cook until the potatoes are done. While the potatoes are cooking, finely chop the onion and carrot. Sauté the onion in a pan with vegetable oil first, then add the carrot and sauté until soft.
Wash the sorrel under running water, remove the leaves from the stems and finely chop.
Also, finely chop the parsley and eggs.
Do not chop the eggs too finely, or it will turn into a mush.
When the potatoes are done, add the sautéed onion and carrot, sorrel, eggs, and parsley to the broth. Cook for 1-2 minutes, add the butter for one more minute and turn off the heat. Let it sit for a while. Serve meat and sorrel soup with sour cream and fresh bread.
Adding butter is a must. It gives the soup a unique flavor.