Natalia Lihanova

Hello, my name is Natalia

Welcome to my blog, or you could say, my culinary book. I have always loved to cook. I was constantly drawn to the kitchen to prepare something completely new, something that had never been cooked in my family before. I was attracted to new, original flavors and unexpected combinations of ingredients. I love sitting at a large table with my family and trying new dishes, as well as sharing my opinion about them. Some things worked out, some didn't...

And then, I heard from my already grown-up daughter: “Oh, mom, do you remember, you made that delicious salad, give me the recipe, please…”

Like many others, I used to write recipes on pieces of paper, make bookmarks in magazines or browsers, but all this was constantly lost, and I had to search the internet again for the next recipe. And then the idea came to gather all the recipes in a blog. You can access it from anywhere in the world or share a link to the recipe you are interested in.

Each new recipe gave me experience and understanding of how to improve ordinary everyday dishes. Gradually, you begin to feel the food, as they say, with your fingers and sense of smell. I am constantly learning and discovering something new for myself.

In my kitchen, I cook a piece of happiness, which my family and I receive every day, and this inspires victories in other areas of life. And as a character from one of the movies said: “Without the art of cooking, the cruelty of reality would be unbearable”.

I believe and will be very glad if my website makes cooking in your kitchen a little easier, brighter, and tastier.

See you on the pages of the website...

With respect, Natalia